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Cognition and Social Equity Laboratory (CaSE)

The shared goals of the Cognition and Social Equity (CaSE) laboratory members are to:

(a) uncover basic cognitive processes foundational to social categorization, stereotyping, and discrimination


b) create theory- and evidence-based social equity interventions.


The CaSE laboratory is in the process of migrating from the US to

the UK. Please stay tuned for new members and lines of inquiry.




Ongoing Colleague Collaborations

Stereotypes and Probabilistic Learning

Dr. Guarav Suri, Dr. Brent Hughes and Dr. Yrian Derreumaux

Stereotype Threat and Construct-Based Measures

Dr. Shasta Ihorn

Stereotype Threat and Ethnic Identity

Betsy Paredes-Centeno and Dr. Zena Mello

Combatting Microaggressions in the Workplace

Inayah Baquee and Dr. Chris Wright

Stereotypes on the Brain: EEG correlates of Racial Stereotypic Cues

Sarah Purnell, Sean Chandler and Dr. Mark Geisler

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