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Creative Writing Publications & Awards

Awards & Achievements

2024 “Homeward Bound,” flash fiction.

Flash Fiction Winner, The London Independent Story Prize (LISP).

International Competition.


2023 “Angel,” short story

Short Story Winner, Spirit Level’s Prose Purple transgender writing competition.


2023 “The You Not You,” flash fiction

Shortlisted and Highly Commended, Oxford Flash Fiction Prize.

International Competition.


2023 “Sacrifice is Sexy,” short story

Shortlisted, To Hull and Back Writing Competition.

International Competition.


2023 “Joseph’s Kiss,” short story

Round 2, Bridport Prize.

International Competition.


2018 “Trans Homo…Gasp! Gay FTM and Cis Men on Sex and Love,” creative-nonfiction anthology, co-editor.

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Publications: Books

Publications: Short Stories

Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Homeward Bound.” First Prize Flash Fiction Winner, The London Independent Story Prize (LISP) Anthology. To be published in the first quarter of 2025.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Troubled Waters.” Accepted by The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature: No Good Southern Writing Is Complete without a Dead Mule, slated for publication in May 2024.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “They Call That.” Slay and Slay anthology, 2024. Accepted by Sliced Up Press, slated for publication in June 2024.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Naked Truth.” The Big Book of Quickies: 69 Erotic Stories, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Accepted by Cleis Press, slated for publication in June 2024.


Ben-Zeev, Avi.  “What to Save in Case of a Flood.” New Words Press, vol. 2, 2024, p. 12.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Angel: First Prize Short Story Winner.” Spirit Level Prose Purple Transgender Writing Competition., 2023. Online publication:


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Can’t We Be Friends?” Queer Life, Queer Love 2, edited by Matt Bates et al., Muswell Press, 2023, pp. 7–19.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Sacrifice Is Sexy.” To Hull and Back Short Story Anthology, 2023, edited by Christopher Fielden. Independently Published, 2023, pp. 166–76.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “The You Not You.” Flashy Gifts. An Anthology Created in Partnership with the Gifts and Books Exhibition at Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries, and Curated by Nicholas Perkins, Professor and Tutor in English, St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford, edited by Freya Morris, 2023, pp. 102–106.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Caveat Emptor: Love.” The Memoirist Quarterly, edited by Kristi Walker and Christopher Robin, 2023, pp. 158–165.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Top/Versatile Trans Homo in Search of (Gasp) Intimacy.” Trans Homo…Gasp! Gay FTM and Cis Men on Sex and Love, edited by Avi Ben-Zeev and Pete Bailey, Transgress Press: Oakland, California, US, 2017, pp. 27–38.


Ben-Zeev, Avi. “Straight Femme to Gay Man: A Feminist Transguy’s Journey Home.” A Herstory of Transmasculine Identities, edited by Michael Brown, Boundless Endeavors, 2016.

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